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We approached Six Fish for a complete redesign of our web site.  Even though our dreams greatly exceeded our budget, Alden found a way to realize them.  Since launch, the accolades have been streaming in from both users and site editors.  I couldn't give Six Fish a higher recommendation for technical wizardry, integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction.  -- Phil Crean, President, SIMS

The Seattle Insight Meditation Society (SIMS) is a non-profit organization devoted to offering teachings on insight meditation.  They offer regular classes, weekend and longer retreats at several venues, and host a steady stream of visting speakers and teachers.

Furthermore, many of these events are recorded in video or audio.  SIMS posts these recordings on their web site, which has become a very valuable resource for students of insight mediation all over the world.

SIMS approached Six Fish with an overriding goal for a complete redesign of their web site: Make everything better.  Make it easier to administer for a group of non-technical volunteers.  Make it easier to register and pay for an event.  Make the audio and video easier to use and more accessible to visitors.  And finally, make the experience of using the site pleasing and delightful.

Six Fish chose to build the site on the DotNetNuke (DNN) Content Management System (CMS).  DNN provides a collection of free or inexpensive building blocks that can be highly customized for each application.  Using DNN, Six Fish was able to rough in extensive functionality at very low cost, leaving significant resources available for customization and fit and finish.

Six Fish has access to talented web designers who specialize in branding for human development and spiritual organizations.  After a careful exploration of SIMS' mission, Six Fish presented a design that communicated warmth, elegance and friendliness.  Since launch, SIMS has received many compliments on the site from visitors and site administrators alike.

Equally important to a visitor's experience is the ease of administration.  SIMS has been able to rely on a dozen non-technical volunteers given role-based responsibility over sections of the web site to fully maintain the content without needing technical guidance.

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