Six Fish is a full service web design company specializing in custom web experiences build on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.  We provide:

  • Branding.  Six Fish has access to a network of artists and designers who specialize in making your design memorable, welcoming and delightful.
  • Ecommerce.  Have something to sell?  We create custom ecommerce experiences for your business.
  • Media applications.  Our portfolio includes several media companies that serve audio and video media at high scale.  Six Fish understands the needs of your media business.
  • Registration applications.  We have also created custom registration and ticketing systems for companies that hold events.
  • Custom application development.  Whatever your application, we can build it from the ground up using the latest in cloud computing technologies.
  • PropsToYou. Six Fish has created PropsToYou, a new kind of online productivity application that uses game theory, behavior science and project management best practices to get the most out of your business and teams. PTY is buit entirely on the Azure cloud computing platform.

Why Cloud Computing?

  • Infinite scalability. Using web servers, you are always a victim of your own success. When your dream comes true and you have a million visitors, your server can't handle it and stops, right when you need it most. Cloud services are elastic, meaning they automatically expand to meet your needs and you only pay for the services you are using hour-by-hour. So you can go from your little business to the size of overnight without having to install massive hardware just in case.
  • Highly reliable. Let's face it, servers go down. If you've run web sites, you've probably had it happen to you. Cloud services employ multiple virtual servers at once in various locations throughout the globe. If one goes down, the others take over. This provides extreme reliability, allowing cloud services to guarantee 99.99% uptime.
  • Regional deployments. With the click of a button, you can have servers running in Europe, the US and Asia and adjust the mix at any time. This keeps your web site running fast for users all over the world because they connect to a server close to them.
  • And it's FREE. Yes, you read that right. The Microsoft BizSpark program gives you free cloud computing for small businesses.

Who is behind Six Fish?

Your project leader will be Alden Gannon, owner of our small company.  We take few projects at a time to guarantee personal service.  Alden will assemble the team that is right for you.  The best way to learn about us is through the words of our customers.  Find testimonials in our portfolio, and you can learn about Alden at his LinkedIn profile here:

Typically, we work on projects with budgets $5K - $50K, but have scaled to much larger projects when needed.

Please visit the case studies under the Portfolio menu for examples of our work.  We are very proud of our clients and honored to serve them.