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Integral Institute’s (I-I) mission is to awaken humanity to full self-awareness. Rooted in the integral theory of writer/philosopher Ken Wilber, I-I is a Denver-based thinktank of leaders in the human development fields.

I-I offers seminars, scholarly research, and a series of regular audio and video interviews with integral thinkers provided on various web properties by subscription.

Following the runaway success of I-I's first multimedia webzine, I-I commissioned Six Fish to lauch a series of web properties targeting different customers, but built on a single Content Management System (CMS) that could be centrally managed and serve A/V and print content to several web properties.

I-I called this collection of web properties the Integral Multiplex.  A few of the sites in the luminous site map are still live.  I-I favored black backgrounds with high contrast, shimmering images.

The Integral Multiplex was built on Microsoft's .NET web application framework and a custom CMS provided by Aesthetic Technologies.  Six Fish led the project and was responsible for all deliveries, coordinating releases from a half dozen vendors.

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