For years, Six Fish has worked with virtual teams and worldwide clients.  We often form ad hoc teams with experts over 5 continents working with remote clients.  Virtual teams require a web-based project management application available 24/7 to track work, assignments and milestones.  We've tried most of the common options available and have had good success organizing work with some of them.

But we discovered that organizing work was only half of the problem.  Distributed teams lack the face-to-face interactions and shared lives that co-located teams have.  They lack the ability to  bond a team like only a late night and a cold pizza after making a hard deadline can.  Virtual teams can't pat you on the back, pop the champagne at a launch party and get to know how you work.  They just see end product and to-do items checked off.

We wanted a project management app that brought our team together.  We wanted it to help us share our day-to-day victories, help us support our teammates and give us a virtual pat on the back.  We couldn't find anything like that.

So we created our own, and called it PropsToYou.

PTY is not just about tasks, it's about the people doing the tasks.  It's about doing great work and getting recognized for it.  And unlike other gamified apps out there, we based our system in behavioral science that guides your team into best practices to increase your team's productivity.  Just by using PTY, your productivity will go up.

PTY has recently been named a Cool Vendor by Gartner, has appeared in Inc. Magazine and received more great press you can read here.

As the reception for PTY has been enthusiastic, we are actively developing it further.  At heart, Six Fish is a consulting business and we love to build cutting edge solutions for your business.  If you like what PTY can do for your business, but you need integration help with your back office systems, contact us.  We would love to help you get the most out of PropsToYou.